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How to make great decisions for your mental and physical health

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First thing is, you need to decide!

This is a simple cost|benefit ratio to consider...

Ask yourself, if I don't deal with things now - what do I most fear about the future?

What's your answer?

When you consider your past efforts and options right now, what seems to be the problem for you? 

What's your answer?

When you consider what you really need to finally get a result that will stick, what do you think you need? 

What's your answer?

When we asked our current clients this questions, these are the common answers -


Someone to hold my hand and walk me through the process keeping me 100% accountable so that I am on the hook


Proper help and support with nutrition so that I don't feel like I'm on a diet with guidance to stop me self-sabotaging and giving in when things get busy or I feel stressed or emotional.


Help with exercise that is personal and sensitive to my needs, and that I am not a gym-bunny at all.

Maybe try asking yourself how you would feel if you were able to lose weight and keep it off and know your fitness was in check too?

We can only assume you would feel flipping brilliant!

So, here's the thing

There is an investment of time as well as, of course, money and a shift in priorities that is needed to make this a reality. We make everything we do as affordable as possible. We have opened up some possibility for you, all you need to do is walk through the door.

OUR invitation

darren tebbenham

We'd love for you to become one of our next success stories. But only if you're ready and wish to. 

We will call you to arrange a time to come and visit. You can email us your availability if you want to become proactive. Either way, let's talk.

Tel. 01789 268 068

Gloo Fitness Ltd

40 Cygnet Court

Timothy's Bridge Road

Stratford Upon Avon

CV37 9NW

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