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Every Program Includes Access to Our Daily Group Cardio Program

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To enjoy exercising with others or from home

Choose studio classes or at-home workouts to get your cardio in between sessions with your trainer.

The science of sustainable weight loss is quite simple. You must create a consistent calorie deficit i.e. consume less calories than you use over a period of time. We calculate your metabolic rate, calories required for your exercise program and factor in a daily deficit that research shows is sustainable yet optimal to achieve 1½ to 2 stone or 9 to 12kg weight loss over a 10 week period.


Next we need to teach your body to better burn fat. This means taking your body out of the fat storage mode it finds itself in right now into a fat burning mode. We accomplish this by controlling your fat storage hormone, insulin. A combination of reducing refined carbohydrates and highly processed foods alongside some fasting is the best way to achieve this. This will promote the production of our fat burning hormone, glucagon. 

Diets and dieting lowers your metabolism. Getting older reduces your metabolism too. In fact, from the age of 30 we can experience a 5% drop each decade. The fastest and most sustainable way to raise it is to complete regular resistance training. The optimal amount of resistance training to do is twice a week and completing what you need to complete each time takes just 30-40 minutes.


Finally, we must nourish our body properly with the essential amino acids in needs in protein and essential fatty acids in fat. 

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We'll help you understand and implement all of this. Regardless of which program you choose to fit your budget and needs, it is the accountability we offer that helps our clients stick to what they start and therefore lose weight and more importantly keep it off!.  

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