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Darren Tebbenham, BSc, MSc

Darren is an experienced personal trainer and nutrition coach as well as co-owner of Gloo Fitness. He was formerly a University lecturer, possesses a masters degree in sport psychology and also owns the European Institute of Fitness, a School of Personal Training with more than 3000 personal trainer graduates all around the world. 

Before you jump onto yet another diet plan or crazy fitness regime, consider for a moment the psychology that is keeping you stuck in your current state. Seriously, you can break free. But it won't be without effort and focus. 


The truth is change is hard. To undo the potentially addictive effect of possibly years of consuming highly processed foods including refined carbohydrates and sugars, we believe it is imperative to transform your whole relationship with food, convert your body into one that burns body fat rather than relies on consumed food for fuel and get some accountability in place to ensure you see through what you start. 


Our Ultimate 10-Week Kick-Start Challenge helps convert your body into a Fat Burning Machine, provides the help to Ensure You See Through What You Start and ultimately Makes Keeping The Weight Off Once You've Lost It Easy. However, easy is earned. If you would like help, get in touch today.  


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