Darren Tebbenham, BSc, MSc

In order to live your best life with confidence you must prioritise your mental and physical health. We offer a program of support to help people with the motivation and mindset side of taking back control of their weight, health and fitness for good. 

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make changing your lifestyle your number one priority!

By learning to meditate properly, rewiring your brain to stop your persistent self-sabotage and dealing with your recurring struggles once and for all you will learn to stop stopping and, finally, feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. This 3-step formula just works. See if you can follow it. 

1. Decide

You must decide and act. Decide enough is enough and that you will no longer tolerate the status quo. You'll know if you've really decided for when a true decision is made it is always followed by massive immediate action. If there is no action, there has been no decision. 

2. Stop Stopping

The biggest problem people face is that they start but they don't finish. Become the sort of person who finishes what they starts and who does what they say, starting today. The help you need will be to reprogram your mind and deal with the recurring patterns that otherwise stop you time and time again. You know what they same, if you do what you've always done, you will get what you have always got. If you want something different, you must do something different. Let's fix your mindset once and for all. 

3. Do the Work

We offer a 10 week one-on-one as well as a small group coaching program to help people do the work and develop the mental strength and resilience they need to become unstoppable. The big questions is, do you want to become unstoppable? 


the best things you can do for your mental health and fitness is get help.

Many people around the world struggle with their mental health and, of course, their physical health too. They struggle with their weight, they struggle with their energy levels and they struggle to feel positive feeling like they have lost their mojo and can't find a way to get it back. They struggle with their relationship with themselves, they battle with their relationship with food and drink, and they wrestle with the frustration they feel about things they just don't have much or any control over. 

They don't need a psychiatrist or a counsellor and they most certainly don't need to jump on the antidepressants bandwagon. Instead, what they need is to focus on getting mentally fit to better deal with and change their relationship with themselves, with food and drink, and with the world at large.


When you shift your focus to work on your mental fitness you develop that mental strength and resilience that will enable you to live your best life with confidence. Doesn't that sound better than continuing to struggle? 


Our programs help people to better identify what really traps them and holds them stuck in their current reality, preventing them from enjoying life the way it is meant to be enjoyed. 

We offer a triple pack of 30-minute coaching to get the ball rolling as well as our 10 week mindset makeover program to transform your mental fitness for good. Whether you need to learn to meditate, better control your emotions, improve your inner self talk, goal-set better or simply shift your outlook, we can help. 

When it comes to losing weight and improving your physical fitness, your mental strength and resilience is obviously critical too. The ability to be more consistent, to re-prioritise things in your life and relentlessly chase your goals will define whether you ever achieve them or not. 

Start to work on your mental fitness today. 


Hi, my name's Darren Tebbenham and I am the mental strength coach here at Gloo Fitness. However, to be clear, I really don't do fluffy life coaching stuff (no offense to life coaches by the way), but I don't do the "just be kind to yourself" and all will be fine thing at all. Just thinking positively is not enough and you can't just manifest new things into your life without sacrifice.


Darren Tebbenham

The reason you struggle is that you need to face your fear, deal with things better than you are and get stronger, mentally. When you do, everything shifts. And you will end up absolutely liking yourself and feeling prouder than ever as to who you are. 


I don't do the whole "techniques" or "tricks" thing either to miraculously attract abundance into your life. What I do do, however, is offer a no-nonsense approach to identifying what is stopping you from achieving the life, health and happiness you want and fix it! 

I am not a new-age "coach" but started out in sport psychology before moving into fitness and health. When it comes to your long-term health, both mental and physical fitness are essential without which your progress towards living your best life will be compromised. 

I have a masters degree in psychology, was previously a university lecturer and have spent much of the last 20 years helping people become mentally fitter, physically fitter and, ultimately, happier as a consequence. 

Your journey should you choose to take it is one of making changing your lifestyle your number one priority. It requires you to take back control of your life. That is you must actually work on your mental fitness and being more resilient. You must work on your fitness and you must make healthier eating work for you most of the time. 


Allison Rumgay

My partner Allison has worked with women in particular for over 25 years helping them get their mojo back. She is an international presenter and trainer of trainers experienced in the science and art of creating transformational change that sticks. 

If you're ready and even if you're not, you should take action right now in this very moment. For action changes things. 

Click below and book your first 1/2 price coaching session and maybe just maybe you can indeed become the superhero in your own life!