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Stratford Upon Avon 

➡️4 Stone lost in 6 months⬅️

Karen joined Gloo in September 2022

"It’s hard to put into words the change"

We're so glad she did 😉

"At the beginning of 2022 I was not in the best place. I hadn’t weighed myself but knew I was probably hitting 20 stone. It was seeing a holiday picture, taken in June, that helped determine a need for change.


So, I set myself a health challenge, not a weight challenge as that was far too overwhelming and felt unreachable being at that size. I had wanted to do cold water swimming for several years but chickened out. However, thanks to an amazing inspirational friend I contacted D03 swimming at Compton Verney. The response was in itself so positive and welcoming I was encouraged to do a trial session and basically never looked back.


The health benefits were huge but importantly it changed my mindset and prepared me for the next challenge, one of my biggest challenge – finally addressing a lifelong weight issue.


I remember vividly messaging Allison and she kindly instantly responded and harnessed that reach out for help, probably before I changed my mind, which I may well have done!


I started with Gloo at the end of September. It’s hard to put into words the change. I found much more than support and encouragement but a realistic and holistic approach which turned all my emotional connections and experiences of diets and exercise on their head.


Being honest and being accountable was something I needed but also something I responded really well to. The combination of PT, great small cardio groups and camaraderie for the first time just made things work and the effect was immediate.


I’m now over halfway through my 3rd 10 week challenge, at the last review I’d lost over 23kg, with a sneaky weigh-in it's now four stone.


For the first time EVER I do not think about food, there is never "I’ll start dieting again on Monday" and exercise is embedded, even just half an hour a day.


I feel I have the tools and more importantly the control over what I eat and what I do and I feel great, with flexibility built in to ensure I can still enjoy food and if things go a bit pear shaped or cake shaped it's not catastrophic.


When you have a lot of weight to lose, your goals seem so far away, beyond reach. With GLOO time has gone so quickly and it was those 5 weeks reviews that kept that focus, breaking down the overwhelm and refocusing on seeing the long game as a positive thing.


Those reviews were critical and now the journey doesn’t seem so hard. The GLOO team are just brilliant and the GLOO community great to be part of, everyone encourages everyone else and we have a good laugh too.


Working with GLOO has enabled me to take back control, to prioritise and just be well. It has provided all the right ingredients for change. Thank you" 

No, thank you Karen! 

Start your own journey with us today 

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