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Helping you stick to what you start...

It’s hard. Tough!

To do what you need to do to take back control of your weight, health and fitness.

A gym membership won’t cut it because you just won’t go. Another diet plan will only leave you wanting. The answer won’t just magically emerge from nowhere either.

You’ll need to become more accountable.

Step up to the plate.

Shift your priorities.

Learn to stop stopping and start to be more consistent. This is your ticket.

Changing your approach to actually change for good isn’t easy. Turning a blind eye is.

It is hard. It is tough!

But we can help. We can help you kick-start the process with some one-on-one help, ease into group training to keep the cost down and get all the nutrition and accountability you could wish for to make sure this time you stick to what you start.

And hey-presto, you will be feeling amazing and comfortable again in your own skin.

Now, that’s got to sound good.

Click the button and let’s meet.

Gloo Fitness Stratford Upon Avon
Personal trainer Stratford
personal training weight loss

results that stick

This is the Gloo difference.


We are not a gym, but offer a safe place where you can feel you belong

We offer the accountability our clients need to finally stick to what they start and achieve a result that will last.

The best Personal Training in Stratford Upon Avon specialising in sustainable weight loss

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A unique approach

A flexible approach to nutrition to break away from a diet mentality and develop real habits that last.

30-minute PT to raise your metabolism and keep you more accountable. 

A friendly environment with like-minded people.


Complimentary daily group cardio for every client.  


We help all of our clients create an exercise habit offering a daily group cardio program to attend without charge.

After kick-starting early results our clients are invited to join our group PT program helping make keeping going easier and even more affordable.

Allison Zig Zag Boxing

if not you, who? If not now, when? 

Isn't it time you got your mojo back?


There'll never be an ideal time. That's the whole point.


The trick is to get help making better choices your new priority AND manage all the stresses of life at the same time. It's the only way!


that is flexible and therefore sustainable


to raise your metabolism and fit your busy schedule


to be more consistent & see through what you start

what our clients think


A message from the founders

Gloo Co-Founder Darren Tebbenham left a career in academia dedicating much of the last 25 years of his life to helping people change their habits around exercise and nutrition.

He has a Masters degree in psychology and is also the founder of the European Institute of Fitness, a School of Personal Training qualifying students in fitness. 

Darren isn't so much passionate about fitness as he is about helping people change and ultimately live their best life with confidence. 

His philosophy is that the secret to success lies between your ears not the specific diet plan and exercise regime you follow...

Co-Founder Allison Rumgay created Zig Zag Women's Fitness & Motivation and has helped hundreds of women to get fit, lose weight and get their confidence back.


Allison is also a trainer of trainers and international presenter with more than 25 years experience in the industry. 

She became increasingly frustrated that the diet industry just made people fatter, and that the fitness industry excludes those who most need help. 

She is dedicating the next ten years of her life to build a fitness franchise to alter this for good!

Her philosophy is simple. Change your priorities, change your life.

come and see us

CALL 01789 268 068

We are located on Timothy's Bridge Road in Stratford Upon Avon. 

Book a time to come and see us and take a look around. Obligation-free, of course. You can just chat, take advantage of our free BodyScan and certainly ask questions and get a feel whether Gloo is for you...


Personal Training in Stratford Upon Avon: we offer the best Personal Trainers in Stratford Upon Avon and guaranteee a result that will stick. 

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