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Stratford upon avon 

➡️Changed her lifestyle for good⬅️

Anita joined Gloo in January 2023

"My best decision so far in 2023" 


"Like most people, January was my month of reflection in terms of what I could potentially improve from a lifestyle perspective.  For me I decided I needed to get fitter (as we all tend to do).  I had gone off the fitness rails somewhat in 2022, due to a couple of minor injuries and illnesses throughout the year and the mid-50’s squidge factor also seemed to be on the march! I was therefore determined to try and move forward from a health and fitness perspective in 2023 and this is where my journey with Gloo began.


From the initial chats with Allison, Darren and James, it was obvious from the beginning that the team genuinely had loads of passion, experience and knowledge about the world of fitness and nutrition.  I felt that Gloo ethics were a different approach to the many gyms/fitness centres I have experienced in the past and these are some of my thoughts why I feel Gloo works for me.  


First of all there is the very dedicated team of Allison, Darren, James, Zeb and Sophie who encourage you on your fitness journey.  It really doesn’t matter on your shape, size or ability as the exercise classes can be adapted to your level of fitness and the exercises are easy to pick up.  The Facebook Gloo Community and Nutrition pages are also motivating especially if you are having an off day. 


Secondly the classes are only 30 minutes long or 45 minutes for group PT.  I’ve enjoyed the mixture of classes like resistance training, cardio and stretch & core and with the content of the classes regularly changing, this means I haven’t got bored either.   I have struggled in the past to fit in the fitness with changing work priorities/social life getting in the way and then falling too easily into the valley of excusitus!  For me personally, it’s really helped having early morning classes as this means I can get to a class before starting work and then just carry on with my day.


Thirdly, although not needing to lose a huge amount of weight I have managed to consistently lose weight and tone up over the last 4 months.  Particularly important as we do eat out a lot, love a glass of wine at the weekend or a pint of cider in the pub after a long walk.  I’ve found the 5-week reviews very beneficial and my body scan stats certainly help focus the mind. 😊


Last but not least, I have found Gloo staff and clients alike to be very friendly and encouraging throughout.  Love the free parking right outside the studio too!


For me the 10 week challenge was a great starting point to kickstart me on my journey.  The challenge helped me to create the right mindset and you learn that you don’t have to be perfect all the time, especially in terms of nutrition!  As Allison says #perfectimperfection!  My best decision so far in 2023!


A big thanks to you all.

Anita 😊

Start your own journey with us today 

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