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Hello, good afternoon, and happy Monday 😊

Please take a few moments to read our Gloo Update below –


We’re gearing up for further growth!
We have a 2nd Gloo Studio going into the Leamington/Warwick area this year and online is now LIVE and kicking. We have further Challenges for you – the next being our 21-day Accountability Challenge coming soon. And we are been further developing our App (the Blue Gloo App) to help everyone further.

To help us get all of our ducks lined up right we have one or two important systems that enable us to operate efficiently and so, of course, best serve you too.

However, we are also aware these may not have been communicated well-enough for everyone to be aware of them and so I have included them below.


Putting Your Membership On Hold

We are very happy to pause your subscription when you wish to take 2 weeks or more holidays. We have a form your trainer will complete with you so that we have accurate details, which then goes to accounts for processing. We are aware not all emails for example get through and can end up in junk, which is why we ask your trainer to complete forms at the studio so that we have accurate info about your subscription.

We also ask for 2 weeks’ notice so that we can process requests weekly and make sure payments stay in sync. Hence we ask for the forms to be completed at the studio as opposed to emails or app-messages about holidays.

Should you be planning to be away for less than 2 weeks, whilst we can’t put your subscription on hold, we can add any PT either side of the week you are away so that you don’t miss out. Or we can add online classes to your app both in terms of minimal or no-equipment resistance training as well as at-home follow-along cardio so that you can easily continue your fitness habit. Again, please just talk to your training team in advance so that we can arrange this.

Membership Cancelation

Of course, we also recognise for a variety of reasons you may wish to cancel your membership with us. In this event we welcome any feedback as to your experience with us including how we might improve things further. If purely logistical i.e. moving away, we now have a full online option for you to consider too. Again we ask for 2 weeks’ notice to arrange cancelation of your subscription.

We are aware there could be some Group PT clients that were not aware of this when you transitioned from your 10-Week Challenge into your rolling subscription.


Of course, if that is the case we apologise as you should have completed a form as you completed your final Challenge BodyScan to accept and agree to this. I hope for those concerned you are OK with this since it helps us to remain organised and so operate efficiently and effectively and in the end to best serve all of our valued members.  


On an other note, we are also expanding our program offerings as below.


Expanding Group PT / Semi-Private PT Options

We are expanding our Group PT / Semi-Private PT options. We currently have Studio (12:1) group sessions downstairs but will be expanding Gym (6:1) group PT upstairs. From 8th April Semi-Private PT will become Group PT – Gym. These will extend to 45 minute sessions with a cardio section added to the back end following 30 minutes of resistance training. The price of this session will also reduce from £39 (twice a week) and £19.50 (once a week) to £35 and £17.50 respectively.

James will be talking to all Semi-Private PT clients also about this as we will continue to offer 3:1 Semi-Private PT at the £39/£19.50 rate (30 mins) but these will become private bookings. Again, we will explain over the coming couple of weeks so super-clear.

We will also be adding additional group PT time-slots. From April 8th, however, the Group PT subscription will only include the downstairs Studio Group-PT. Group PT – Gym will include access to both Gym and Studio-Based Group PT sessions. And SP-PT can be booked as private slots as requested. These can be arranged with clients privately and can be orientated in terms of exercise (resistance, back care, boxing) to suit.


Gloo App, Coaching Community and Group Coaching Clinic

Available via the Gloo App we provide access to our weekly webinar series every Wednesday at 8pm, our new Group Coaching Clinic on Mondays from 7pm and our Coaching Community where we post daily to help motivate and inspire you along your journey. The group coaching on Mondays provides a drop-in event where you can come along and ask for help. It is hosted on Zoom but doesn’t have an agenda. As you come along, we are there to simply help with whatever issues and challenges you are experiencing.

There are also online workouts inside the app too. These include cardio, core and resistance-based sessions you can do from home when you can’t get into the studio or wish to complete extra cardio for example on top of your studio sessions.

As a number of our clients are already aware who are already accessing one-to-one coaching we also provide paid accountability / nutrition coaching too. And at any point please feel free to ask more about this.

Access to the Gloo App. All clients on a twice a week subscription can access the Gloo App, weekly webinar, group coaching clinic and coaching community as well as online workouts as part of your package.

For once a week PT clients there is a weekly £5 fee to gain access. Currently, everyone has access to the app. This will continue as will the current format in terms of group PT until April 8th where the abovementioned policies, extended length of SP-PT / Group PT-Gym, app-access will be in play.

Any questions or queries please just email and a full PDF version of this email is downloadable below.

Wishing you a happy Easter period and we may see some of you on Wednesday as we’ll both be at the studio all day then.

Darren & Allison

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