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10 Week Challenge

The Progam Includes -

Your On-Boarding.
60-minute Zoom session to set up your journey including establishing your your nutrition plan and individualised nutrition targets as well as personal workout routine. 

Online PT Instruction.

30-minute Zoom exercise instruction to ensure you can execute your fitness plan correctly and safely. 

Weekly Cardio Workouts.

Access cardio workouts to watch and follow along to from home - designed for all abilities. 

Ongoing Accountability.

Daily check-ins via our Gloo App as well as 2-way communication with your trainer. Our Gloo app also carries the education and direction for your new nutrition plan and establishment of an unstoppable mindset. 

Nutrition Transformation.

Delicious video recipes to follow and plans to download. Daily tracking and regular feedback and guidance from your trainer. 


Mid-Point Review.

A 60-minute review session on Zoom including virtual weigh-in and program adjustments as well as another 30-minute PT workout to set up your second fitness routine for the second half of your program. 

Continued support. 

More check-ins, more video lessons and continued personal help and support to keep the pace and reach your goal weight. 

End of Challenge Review.

Final weigh-in and celebration. Opportunity to discuss how to continue with us on a simple and affordable ongoing monthly subscription. 

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