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Weight Loss Perfected.

personal training stratford upon avon
Personal trainer stratford upon avon
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personal trainer and weight loss
10 week challenge


How Exciting. We will message you beforehand to remind you about this date. During every Challenge program, we offer a wonderful support community and friendly studio environment for our ladies to feel comfortable in whilst they work out, embrace the necessary dietary changes and finally beat their struggle with their weight. 

During the week. You will complete our BodyScan to assess accurately your start point. We use this to determine your nutrition plan and guides too. Your nutrition plan is based on real foods, no unnecessary complicated or expensive supplements with some but only limited fasting to kick-start fat loss!


You can attend daily if you wish with options to attend our group cardio as well as resistance training session with your trainer.


You'll be assigned an accountability coach also who you can exchange with inside your app to make sure you stick to the eating program and recommended exercise / walking between workouts too. 

Beyond your taster week. The taster week offers you a chance to make sure the studio, nutrition and other ladies you will be spending time with are a fit. Once you feel as excited as we know you will, you can continue with us for the remainder of the 10 week challenge program. 

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We sell results not memberships. The one thing you can be sure of is that you will be looking and feeling absolutely amazing by Christmas loving your reflection in the mirror, confident and comfortable again in your own skin! 

Speak soon.

Darren, Allison & James and rest of the team at Gloo!

PS We can't wait to meet you!

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