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Weight loss Stratford Upon Avon

that is flexible and therefore sustainable

to raise metabolism and fit your busy schedule

to be more consistent & see through what you start

A private fitness studio specialising in weight loss for people otherwise put off by the gym.

We help people stick to their good intentions of getting fit and losing weight for good. 

We are NOT a gym.
We do not offer a membership.
Instead, we offer a cost-effective and time-efficient approach to finally enjoy weight loss results that stick!

results that stick

This is the Gloo difference. Everything we do is designed to make sure this time is the last time you need to lose weight and get fir ever again.

Weight Loss Results
Personal Trainer Stratford Upon Avon

Personal training

We offer 30-minute one-to-one sessions to make getting the help you need to create the result you want both affordable and time-efficient. 

Personal Coaching

Our coaching ensures our clients deal with their "bad" habits and break free from their past roadblocks and excuses for good. 

Personal Training and Weight Loss
Weight Loss Stratford Upon Avon

being 100% Accountable

We measure our success on your results. And the only way we can assure you of results that stick is to help you become more accountable.

complimentary cardio

30-min cardio sessions free of charge for every client to ensure we deliver on our promise. 

Allison Zig Zag Boxing
Darren Tebbenham Allison Rumgay

weekly science of sustainable weight loss seminars

We help our clients get clear and track what matters and enjoy looking and feeling absolutely amazing again in their own skin. 


Step 1: Create a Nutrition plan you can stick to we will help you finally control your food and drink without feeling you are on a diet.

Step 2: Fit Exercise into your busy schedule just 30 minute sessions to raise your metabolic rate and burn fat faster. 

Step 3: Develop unstoppable Willpower we will hold your hand and keep you accountable as you create new habits to not only lose weight but keep it off for good.

How to lose weight


At Gloo you are NOT a number. We know your name. You can feel you belong and can lose yourself in the journey of getting fit & losing weight for good.

Experts on your side

Get help with leading experts in your corner. Here at Gloo you can feel confident that all trainers have your back. We are a fully certified team of highly motivated professionals so that you can feel safe and secure knowing you are in good hands. 

Darren Tebbenham

Our Gloo Guarantee. 

Our simple promise. If you stick to your program for the first 10 weeks in the unlikely event you do not accomplish the result you agree with your trainer we will refund every penny of your investment with us and continue to train you for free until you do! 

some testimonials


Darren has spent the last 16 years running the European Institute of Fitness qualifying students as Personal Trainers all around the world. Previously, he was a University lecturer and Personal Trainer in Australia at one the world's largest PT Studio chains. 

Allison created Zig Zag Women's fitness and motivation and has helped hundreds of women to get fit, lose weight and get their confidence back. Allison is also a trainer of trainers and international presenter with more than 25 years experience as a personal trainer. 

become a personal trainer
darren tebbenham

come and see us

We offer a free weight loss seminar every Monday evening at 7.30pm.


We can also arrange a 30-min appointment to discuss the result you wish to achieve, take a look around and ask questions. 

CALL 01789 268 068

We are located on Timothy's Bridge Road in Stratford Upon Avon. 

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