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...results that stick

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personal transformation!

the result you want or your money back...

Gloo Fitness helps you to stick to your good intentions to get fit and lose weight. 

We are NOT a gym. We do not offer a membership but, instead, provide a pay-as-you-go approach handing back control to you to ensure value for money and, of course, results that stick.

personal transformation

Personal Transformation is the Gloo difference. We make sure this time is the last time you ever need to loose weight and get fit ever again.

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Personal training

We offer 30-minute one-to-one sessions to make getting the help you need to create the result you want both affordable and time-efficient. 

Personal Coaching

Our coaching ensures our clients deal with their "bad" habits and break free from their past roadblocks and excuses for good. Without a coach the truth is you will likely continue to default back to your pre-set and continue to struggle. It's that simple.   


helping you become 100% Accountable

Once you get started, we will provide the training and coaching to help you stick to what you start. With regular reviews, complimentary daily cardio and our results-based guarantee, you will finally free yourself from your struggle in this area of your life.

complimentary cardio

30-min cardio sessions free of charge for every PT client to ensure we deliver on our results-based guarantee. 

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sustainable results through a flexible approach to nutrition

We help our clients get clear and track what matters and enjoy looking and feeling absolutely amazing again in their own skin. 

our gloo guarantee

Once you sit down with your trainer and agree the result you want, we will guarantee you the result or your money back! And, in the unlikely event you don't, we will not only refund you every penny you have spent but we will continue to train you for free until you do. 

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follow the formula

At Gloo you are NOT a number. We know your name. You can feel you belong and can lose yourself in the journey of getting fit and enjoying being your best self once again. Our secret formula for success is


Experts on your side

Get help with leading experts in your corner. Here at Gloo you can feel confident that all trainers have your back. We are a fully certified team of highly motivated professionals so that you can feel safe and secure knowing you are in good hands. Download our fortnightly newsletter online or pick up a copy from the studio...

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Gloo Fitness is your sticky fitness company. 

We bring together more than 50 years of combined experience in the fitness industry with an amazing team of trainers to offer a new approach helping clients enjoy results that truly stick! 


Darren has spent the last 16 years running the European Institute of Fitness qualifying students as Personal Trainers all around the world. Previously, he was a University lecturer and Personal Trainer in Australia at one the world's largest PT Studio chains. 

Allison created Zig Zag Women's fitness and motivation and has helped hundreds of women to get fit, lose weight and get their confidence back. Allison is also a trainer of trainers and international presenter with more than 25 years experience as a personal trainer. 

become a personal trainer

come and see us

We offer a free weight loss seminar every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm.


We can also arrange a 30-min appointment with a trainer on us to discuss the result you wish to achieve and help clarify exactly what you would need to do to get it. 

CALL 01789 268 068

We are located on Timothy's Bridge Road in Stratford Upon Avon.