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A 10 week weight loss solution to create results that stick.

Confident in your own skin

Healthy and happy with your weight

Free from dieting forever

Book a time to come and see us.

We sell RESULTS not memberships!


Clear and simple to follow nutrition that is flexible and therefore sustainable!

Not a diet. Science-based nutrition to free you from your struggle. 

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Ann seated row .HEIC


30-minute training sessions and daily complimentary group cardio. 

The right exercise to raise your metabilism and burn more calories at rest!


The help and support to develop the Will-Power you need to finally break free from your excuses and old habits that have held you back. 

Mike Oct 21 _edited.jpg

How it works

Step 1: Make an appointment to come and see us so you can get a feel for what we do and walk away with some great advice whatever you choose to do.

Step 2: Choose your personal program to suit your budget so that you feel in control and comfortable with your decision (from £4 a day). 

Step 3: Simply pay weekely and start your journey with us. Obligation-free visit, nothing to lose but everything to gain!


Darren Tebbenham, BSc, MSc
Darren has spent the last 16 years running the European Institute of Fitness qualifying students as Personal Trainers all around the world. 

Previously, he was a University lecturer and Personal Trainer in Australia at one the world's largest PT Studio chains. 

Allison Rumgay, BA
Allison created Zig Zag Women's fitness and motivation and has helped hundreds of women to get fit, lose weight and get their confidence back.

Allison is also a trainer of trainers and international presenter with more than 25 years experience in the industry. 


Together Darren and Allison created Gloo Fitness to help people stick to their good intentions of losing weight and getting fit. 

With more than 3000 Personal Training graduates across 6 continents in more than 30 different countries around the world, their approach and applied psychology has indirectly impacted on literally hundreds of thousands of clients' lives. 

Gloo Fitness Studio offers a specialist weight loss solution to take the guess-work out of losing weight. 

Their highly trained team of professional trainers help keep every single client accountable, safe and focused on doing what they need to do to get the result they want!

The studio environment is intimidation-free, offering an inspiring place to attend to finally put an end to their clients struggles with their weight, health and fitness for good. 


We host a Science of Sustainable Weight Loss Seminar every Monday evening from 7.30pm. 

helen sharon .jpg
Tracey LPD Oct 21 .jpg


Your 12 week journey starts with your On-boarding.  There are four 30-minute on-boarding sessions to be completed in your first week where we complete a comprehensive initial assessment and weigh-in, set up your nutrition plan and complete your first Cardio Box and Gym Workout. Thereafter, you attend either once or twice a week with your PT and as many times as your package permits for your cardio. 


(Starter package)
Initial weigh-in and end of program review

1x Personal Training per week
Up to 2x Cardio classes a week

Full nutrition support

6 week review

(Results package - recommended)

Initial weigh-in and end of program review

2x Personal Training per week
Unlimited Cardio classes each week

Full nutrition support

6 week review

Get in touch and arrange a time to come and look around. Meet our team of professional trainers, chat through your personal situation and get excited. 

We understand knowing what to do for the best can feel scary and daunting and very confusing. Let's take the guesswork out of losing weight. We've indirectly helped thousands of people all around the world to lose weight and more importantly keep it off.

The quicker you start the sooner you will begin to feel amazing again in your own skin. 

CALL 01789 268 068